Sivomixx 800

14 sachets


Microbiotic with 800 billion live and active bacteria per sachet:

  • Combination of 8 specific bacterial strains
  • Keep Sivomixx® 800 in the refrigerator (+2-8°C) the product can stay one week out of the refrigerator (<25°C)
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Sivomixx® 800

A high-concentration probiotic (800 billion live and active bacteria per sachet) which help to:

  • Strengthen the intestinal microbiota
  • Diversify the gut bacteria

Sivomixx® 800 contains Slab51®, a specific mix of 8 bacterial strains and maltose. Allergen-free.

8 strains of high-quality bacteria

Recommended daily dose

1 sachet per day for 14 days, in the evening before going to sleep.

How to take Sivomixx® 800

Dilute in non-carbonated water, cold or at room temperature or mixed in a compote.

Refrigerate. Sivomixx® 800 can be stored at room temperature for a week without altering its quality.

Additional information

Number of sachets

14 sachets

Number of boxes

1 box

Net weight

84 g (14 x 6 g per sachet)


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