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A new study reveals the “oxygen sparing” effect of Sivomixx®800

Lausanne, August 25, 2021 — A new clinical study has just been published in Nutrients, revealing the “oxygen sparing effect” of Sivomixx®800 at the intestinal level, allowing a major availability to the other vital organs. The unique property of the probiotic formula contained in Sivomixx®800 opens a new promising scenario for numerous health conditions where the need for oxygen is not fully satisfied.

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Sivomixx® 800 finalist of the 7th edition of Nutraingredients Awards

March 15, 2021 — Nutraingredients is a leading source of online news for the nutrition industry, and this year is the 7th edition of Nutraingredients Awards, with 16 different categories, honouring “the best and brightest in ingredients, finished products, companies, people and initiatives in the nutrition and dietary supplements industry”. 

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Clinical Trial Re-Confirms Role of Oral Bacteriotherapy in Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 20, 2021 — Ormendes is proud to announce the results, now published in Frontiers in Nutrition, of an Italian retrospective clinical study confirming reduced mortality of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with severe pneumonia when supplemented with Sivomixx®800. 

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Bacteriotherapy shows promise as a complementary therapeutic strategy to avoid the progression of COVID-19

Lausanne, Switzerland, July 8th 2020 — Ormendes SA is proud to announce that Sivomixx®800, one of its probiotic formulations has been used in a clinical study to supplement Covid-19 patients in addition to their standard care, the results of which have now been published in Frontiers in Medicine.

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